all the men in this town
are whores, i know
i wasn’t
until i moved here

my first lay in this town
was an easy girl, she
initiated me into manhood
let me tell you
heaven is for easy girls
for every time they spread
a nerd gets his wings
or whatever, i
can only seem to remember
the punchline

men in this town fight like
cats over fish
hair raised
backs up
and the yowling starts
as if their reputations
precede them “you know who i am?”
you know who I am?”

and the girls play into it
encouraging the catty bitch-fest
probably for a lack
of real options

Bean and i were telling jokes
over coffee at a diner
he was a long necked scrape of a kid
bright eyes and a knack with females
back then you could sit all night
smoking cigarettes
without a cover charge
it was late, and he asked

what do you call a woman
with two black eyes?

what, i asked

nothing, he said, you already told her
,i laughed,
sipped at my coffee
and smiled out a nearby window
reflecting on the week before
when I bumped into Cee Jay
and he asked “have you seen
Lizard’s new poke?”

no, i replied

“he’s with Mel B.”

that big girl? i asked
and held my arms out at my sides
as if to show that i understood
his meaning

“yeah, that’s her.
what in the hell’s a rake like Lizard
doing with a beast like that? it’s
like an elastic band
fuckin’ an egg”, we both laughed

considering it now, i think
i failed
a misogyny test

© Emerys Watchel, 2016 All rights reserved.


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