Please Return Your Shopping Carts To This Location

Tuesday 3pm
in the backseat, waiting
for so-and-so’s mother
to run her errands
at The Walmart, not a 24 Hour
our Wal Fart’s only open ’til
10 pm
the lot is packed with polite,
quiet Canadians
thinking their thoughts
accumulating their things
living lives
working their way through
the maze

greeting cards ought to be
an outmoded custom
what with email, txt messages,
social media sites

and I watch them buy these things
things without hesitation
things “we ‘Have To’ buy X a thank you,
hope you are feeling better,
well wishes, etc. card because
we must.”

and dollies for little girls
to put the grief of marriage
in their naive heads, the want for
babies, in the minds of babies

and guns and trucks
for the boys to make imaginary heroes
of themselves

because we must.

it all seems like organized perversion

to me

© Emerys Watchel, 2016 All rights reserved.


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