at the shores of paradise
we lay

passengers dotting
the luminescent beach
in sleep coffins
faces to the air

and we wait
for the tide to take us
with individual acquisition

gravity dependant
we will float

i alone wake
to see the others
caught in dream animations

horrible and beautiful,
speaking separate languages
warring with unimaginable

perception’s paradox
is unraveled before my mind
and in an instant i feel
impossibly microscopic

a manipulation of my own whims
have i only dreamed myself
this way

and horrible all at once

© Emerys Watchel, 2016 All rights reserved.


late nights without

it’s the middle of the night
bed empty
sheets warm

can’t sleep

been awake forever
seems like
head keeps buzzing with thoughts
there is no
my terrible device

last thought of you
stars in your hair
where the snowflakes fell, white
on Irish auburn

i am a fool
and have managed somehow
to capture you

dry i feel inside
jug without water
bottled air

i want something, i sense it
but i can’t focus enough
for the shape
to coalesce

it’s there
beneath the skin
fire in the clay

magic in the madness

push me, push me
steam engine roaring
on a last chance run
the mountain

i will climb to meet exhaustion
head on
a wink of light
in an all too familiar

sobriety needs no introduction

© Emerys Watchel, 2016 All rights reserved.


fickle as pots
buried for centuries
with hand worn human

brushed of dirt
and swept kilometers
down dead highway

hanging on for a breath
from the doom wagons
with different meat

escape beyond the sheep fences
down sloping grass
to the prairie night

arrested by the open sky

© Emerys Watchel, 2016 All rights reserved.

take that cock out of your mouth, you look like a sycophant

i read the man
with honesty and criticism
i read him,

without much surprise
i found bits of gold
between his words
threads of sincerity
he had a mind for it,
a knack even

the more i looked, i saw
he had only the grace to
catch the glint of,
the surface gestures
mere reflections
-i felt betrayed

my attentions were unmet
as he prattled on about the
colour Red,
or this and that
about Marseilles, and such
and such
about how the Junk boats
float about Hong Kong’s Harbour

had he never been?
only dreamed?

and his God awful bio
(self-written, mind)
full of ‘Murica, & stuffy
gun waving, flag supporting

how had i been so blind?
i believed too deeply
to properly critique
and i told Him so

it ruffled Him,
so obviously
he cut contact with a child’s
swollen ego

and i laughed, and i laughed
he was naked
with nothing in way of defense

now, He
has managed to find ten thousand more
idiots to blindly go
where he leads

and not one of them
reads, actually reads

it should be easy
to find celebrity
when you avoid intellectuals

and what of me?
I continue on
as though we had never met

I believe in the word,
and saying the hard thing

tarnishing my own image
if must
to lay bare
the most indecent acts of human

we are disgusting, we are
but not more so
than the ignorant
in need of a shepherd

follow me not for my words
but that I may go headfirst
into the unsteady place
and describe
all that I find there

follow me not for my beauty
but that I too am hideous,
and fragile

follow me not
for I
am just a man

© Emerys Watchel, 2016 All rights reserved.

in Autumn rooms

turn the light off
and we’ll be flowers
in the dark
with minds as hungry as wolves
dripping with the blood
of heart-meat rush
the wending curls
of embered spark

breathe my air
lay on crisply laundered
the feminine curve
of you
turn to see me grinning

love, thy fantasy

will we ever be this young

will we ever gray
in thistle hair
and roll eachother out
onto the patio
to sit
with rocking chairs
in the windchime spring

let thieving time
steal my sight and etch
you there inside
my eyes
before in madness, I
my thoughts
and forget the young woman
you are not

tonight we sing
and eat our
to stay the night, immortal this
deny the promise
age reflects
to end, we fall
hope never rest

© Emerys Watchel, 2016 All rights reserved.

Junk Mail. Thursday, Nov25, 2016

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why not let the poor
apply for community college,
give them the jobs/ diamond-dependant relationships,
BS consumeristic junk food ideals
and stay the hell out of my

I didn’t even subscribe to any of this.

© Emerys Watchel, 2016 All rights reserved.