The Day I Considered A Tinfoil Hat

the ringing in my ears
won’t stop
i’ve brushed my teeth with salt
and water
as the Shaman prescribed
dressed my nape with cloves and oil
and yet the discomfort

i sought a second opinion
from a Blackfoot elder, who
appeared as a ghost painted for war
He wailed and sang of his own malaise
and spoke at length
of the cycle of life
staring teary eyed at the heavenly bloom
of eternal night

i wandered thinking hopeless thoughts
and found a Christian Missionary
overly consumed with the sanctity
of life
he begged me for my time
i sat in pain
and listened to his ironic sympathy
for dying stars
while he scratched his scalp
searching for tumors and Messiahs

i left him to his choices
lost to my own horrible pilgrimage
all my teeth started screaming at once
i held my jaw in my hand and winced
drew a circle on the desert floor
sat in its center
with searing thighs
contemplating the All

i sent out curses in exchange for relief
the sky opened above
and answered with rain, i drank
mouth open
lapping at the wet air
ankles sinking in the rising mud

from which a Vodou Priest emerged
offering me a skull to fill
my worries with, i accepted
and asked Him to examine my ears
the problem
He said
was my need to be delivered from pain
i hadn’t yet accepted death as a part of

decided it best to return home
to Supermarket offerings of
overpriced processed meat,
bathe my liver
in factory bottled fructose, write
unapologetic letters to
Western Development,
order Tarot Cards online
from Holistic Healers
and fall asleep on the couch at 3 pm
drunk on Food Network television
dreaming Space Alien technologies
buried beneath Moon dust
resonating harmonic frequencies
for miles and miles just
to drive Me

© Emerys Watchel, 2016 All rights reserved.


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