Big Little Town

the biggest little town
North of Bismarck, West
of Regina
Home of The Warriors, &
mysterious prohibition-era
supply lines, a smuggler’s den
for Al Capone
Home of The Snowbirds -that
now defunct aerial acrobatic troupe
that lives on in black and white
photographs with Canadian jawlines
dressed with aviator scarves
“Once upon a time
this was all underwater, a
prehistoric lake bed.”
confessions of an anonymous
dirt farmer
if you drive up Ninth Avenue West
and turn right at the Alliance Church
you’ll see that we have a Tim Horton’s
and a Wal-Mart
just like any City
which our “Welcome To,” sign
optimistically displays

This Town, at one time
hired an artist to create
a 20ft. likeness of a Canadian
Mac the Moose. Which has been,
in recent years,
fenced off
but only to keep the hoodlums
from spraypainting Mac’s anatomy
out behind the
Visitor Centre

The Biggest Little Town
where men have mouths for chewing
where you don’t fish the Wakamow
unless you’re crazy for polite headshakes
from strangers

The Biggest Little Town
where, on a rainy day, you
can tie up your canoe
and walk into the Bank
where we all love
and hate
the Calgary Stampede
where we, like anyone else
make Christmas Wishlists for
newold Silicon Valley microchips
and podunk cellular computer phones

we’re all trying to be metropolitan
despite our hicktown potholes
if you love a good-bad garage sale
come and see us in Moose Jaw
between April and September
and don’t forget to stop for poutine
at the R&S Diner on HWY 1 E

we trade local treasure for tourism dollars
,same as anyone

© Emerys Watchel, 2016 All rights reserved.


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