Trump’s Hair For VP!

imagine that

the first Woman President
immediately following the first
Black President

makes for more interesting World
now I imagine our PM J.Trudeau
(while he’s been quiet
about it) is likely agonizing
over the idea
of future
diplomatic meetings with
The Don

all that hair, and bravado
the open womanizing
the callous bigotry
the ignorant pretentious flair
and Trudeau junior
his out-of-place kindness

you do not
the kind of world resources
that come with the US Presidency
to a successful Venture Capitalist
you’re Hell-bent on seeing this
house of cards
come crashing down

and that poor old bag Hillary
will we ever again see
a presidential election
featuring a Woman
in our lifetimes?

not unless she looks like
Dolly Parton

not unless she’s thirty years
younger, a big
dumb American blonde,
with plastic breasts, butt lift
a P.I.L.F (president i’d like to fuck)
that’s what US Voters want
Sex and faster automobiles
Sex and Big Oil dependencies
Sex and booze and fewer Russians

sure Hillary isn’t much to look at
with her pilly breasts,
soggy pant suits
and that gorgeous bulldog face
but she’s got
a criminal understanding
of the world stage
the brains required
to manipulate,
the gall to make tough decisions
the willingness to go to war
expansionist ideals, and

takes balls

Trump and his sissy manicures
Trump and his delicate sensitivities
a real step
B.Obama advocated Change,
and Americans answered, YES
it seems they don’t like
too much change
more of the same old,
more of what they expect
and understand
Racism, Ignorance
and a man
brave enough, or stupid enough
to say out loud
what they’re all already thinking
make America Great again!
which really means
(as we all know)
Make America White Again

because civil unrest was fun
remember segregation?
the assassination
of Martin Luther King?

remember President Kennedy
who said NO,
to the Industrial Vampires
that really run America
He said NO,
he wouldn’t just
shut up
and take the money

and he died for it because
be believed in something bigger

he died for it
JFK was bad for business.

this all goes tits up
with Trump

y’all voted for him

I’m entertained,
but not


© Emerys Watchel, 2016 All rights reserved.


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