in Autumn rooms

turn the light off
and we’ll be flowers
in the dark
with minds as hungry as wolves
dripping with the blood
of heart-meat rush
the wending curls
of embered spark

breathe my air
lay on crisply laundered
the feminine curve
of you
turn to see me grinning

love, thy fantasy

will we ever be this young

will we ever gray
in thistle hair
and roll eachother out
onto the patio
to sit
with rocking chairs
in the windchime spring

let thieving time
steal my sight and etch
you there inside
my eyes
before in madness, I
my thoughts
and forget the young woman
you are not

tonight we sing
and eat our
to stay the night, immortal this
deny the promise
age reflects
to end, we fall
hope never rest

© Emerys Watchel, 2016 All rights reserved.


One thought on “in Autumn rooms

  1. This is one of my favorite poems you have written. Just stunning. I love the way you speak of time and the way you cascade flawlessly from the couple wondering if they will ever be that young again to wondering if they will ever be old and sitting in chairs on the patio. I am in love with this piece.

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