Junk Mail. Thursday, Nov25, 2016

Bulk Barn
make lots of Merry
grab these deals before they
fa-la-la away
mini candycanes
Hi, I’m white
Christmas mint. I’m all about
making Christmas minty and
bright. Add my good cheer to
cookies, cakes or enjoy me
on my own.
Domino’s Pizza
Limited Time Offer
Medium 4-topping pizza
$8.99 introducing
Piece of the Pie rewards
1. take advantage of
exclusive members only
discounts and bonus offers
2. track past purchases,
earned points and
redeemed points
3. it’s easy! earn and redeem
all points online
Shop 4 Charity
Calendar Sweepstakes
NEW $1 Million
early bird draw
7 Lucky Winners
in live draws on TV
in support of Canadian
Breast Cancer Foundation
Capitol One
You’re guaranteed a credit limit
between $300 and $5,000
offer expires Dec 31st
Simon’s Jewellery
38th Anniversary Sale
Diamond Wishes
Inuit Ice
originating from the Canadian North,
Inuit Ice Canadian Diamonds
are a symbol of the purity and beauty
of this great land
Mined in the pristine wilderness of the
Northwest Territories, Inuit Ice
Canadian Diamonds are among the
most beautiful
in the world
$7,999 18k SI Quality
Souls Harbour Rescue Mission
Dear Friend,

As we prepare our homes for holiday
gatherings, there are many men, women and children
in the Regina area who have no homes to gather in
this Christmas.
Yes, I’ll help feed the hungry and
care for the homeless.
Here is my gift of a)$24.01 to help 7 people
b)$48.02 to help 14 people c)$72.03 to help
21 people d)$99.47 to help 29 people
please charge my gift to my credit card.

Double up on Deliciousness
at A&W
Raised without the use of
Hormones or Steroids
from hens fed a vegetarian diet
animal by-products
our egg
Canadian Tire
Black Friday starts with
Red Thursday
Career Guide
Saskatchewan polytechnic
Tomorrow in the making
our grads are in demand
you’ll earn by doing
150+ programs to choose from
you’ll benefit from our close
relationships with employers
applied research opportunities
in animal and biosciences,
health sciences,
hospitality and tourism,
human services and
community safety

why not let the poor
apply for community college,
give them the jobs/ diamond-dependant relationships,
BS consumeristic junk food ideals
and stay the hell out of my

I didn’t even subscribe to any of this.

© Emerys Watchel, 2016 All rights reserved.


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