trying to nap in the middle
of the day
i see the Goblin’s face
behind my eyes
i see him there
all teeth, and lips
and eyebrows

just give me a few hours,
i say,
i’m unemployed,
have unpaid bills, and i’m

and he just smiles

i’m well aware, i say
i have phone calls to make,
some running around to do,
but i’ve got laundry change
i wiped my table top
and organized my library
i’ll only be
a few hours

he just smiles

i’ve set the alarm
the dishes are done
i promise to fold my underwear


i’m writing
see? look, and reading
i put Ginsberg on the shelf
between Blake and Baudelaire
with that Dylan Thomas hardcover
on the end
to keep them from
falling over

the milk is in the fridge,
the plants have been watered
one or two hours
and then

yes we
will do terrible beautiful things

head on the pillow
breathe, breathe


before long
our faces resemble
each other

and together
we dream
chasing mice

© Emerys Watchel, 2016 All rights reserved.


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