Dennis, dead now five years
whatever fate devised took him
January 13th, 2011
an auspicious day
for a crooked

i’ll never forget
Jelinski, Lee-Anne issued me
two cheques
that month a colossal

two cheques issued by my
case worker, official
Jelinski fucked up

and i cashed them both
laughed, what fortune!
gave it to my woman
gave it to her hard, and we
had more money that month
than ever my God smiled upon me
Dennis must have flipped his lid
too many fuck-ups in that dept.
too many, and Jelinski fucked up
Big dumb blonde flashing cleavage
for stares across the desk
from poor boys
fat fucking slut Jelinski
always playing games
she needed me to beg her
and i never begged her

i was called in
to meet her in her office
that afternoon in 2010
late summer i think it was
i remember the sun
pouring in through the shades
venetian slits of light
fell horizontal
on those tits of hers
elbows on the desk
squeezing flesh between her arms
heat on my neck
late summer i think it was

and Dennis stormed in
i had never met the man before
that day
i had only heard his name
he was animated
he gestured with his hands
as he spoke
“Bank fraud, he said
Bank Fraud!”
and i stared at him
to spare the booby-trap
i stared at Dennis and said
“how can there be fraud
when an official cheque was cashed?”
there was no fraud”
he stormed out
slamming doors

Jelinski was in it now
and she put it on me
i had to pay the money back
an overdraft was added to my account

Dennis was crooked,
either that or a liar
a Social Worker
good with numbers, good with his accounts
an educated man
a good and decent man
say those who knew him
an idiot
outsmarted by a highschool drop-out
an idiot, or a crooked idiot

i saw him
on Main Street
in broad daylight
before winter came
he was walking with two men
in dark suits
on Main Street in the middle of the day
i hated him then
that crooked man
i burned with curses and cancers
burned and bubbled with hate for a liar
a liar
out walking
in the middle of the day
and he sensed me
he looked
over his shoulder he saw me
looked again,
saw again
in his hurried shoes
looked one last time
then turned a corner
and disappeared

was the last i ever saw of him

last i ever saw of that crooked liar
i paid his debt

but not before

paid mine.

© Emerys Watchel, 2016 All rights reserved.


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