in Cherishing the Mask may we Make Beauty of Duplicity

we wear capes and masks
all of us
-sexual deviants
in our own ways
and heroes in our private fictions

where behaviour suppresses desire
the psyche divides
to allow that fantasy to play out
wether or not
we ever meet it
or aid in its creation or conclusion

we feed
through varied mediums
a fantasy self to escape into

surviving with a dark counterpart
has its paradoxes
none more so frightening
than when reality

becomes suspect

this truth is not altogether new
but more common now
than it has been
in generations past

anonymity is the catalyst
for the most disturbing concoctions
between mind
and mania

and privately
we all half expect
of living duplicitous lives

not unlike our fantasies
seeking like-minded companions
to play out the roles
we so desperately

to validate our elaborate perversions

in love
with these machinations
i create

deny yourself
openly disagree
while observed by persons
you knowingly hide from
i know


ever pressing at the surface
trying to peek out
from beneath the

© Emerys Watchel, 2016 All rights reserved.


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