the inhuman plane

I walk in geometric shoes
the precision
of (my) ambulatory gait
a stick-figure diagram
heel to toe, to
knee/ hip
in a digital framescape world

my HuMan mind
fleshes out the squariness
with texture
and curvature

consciousness populates the design
through the aperture
of perception

look now on our Eden
look now
on our actual real-ity

grass shoots through the porous earth
seed sprout varied by genus
trundling in the prairie wind
I knew

a Lion
would be a Lion even
I memorized his outline
his flesh
was described for me in books

as majestic as Mt. Fuji
Kilimanjaro or Taipei
blood intestine kidney lung

creates an idea
which animates

ridiculous bi-pedal

© Emerys Watchel, 2016 All rights reserved.



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