which Elves do you work for?

i was Merry Christmas’d today
as a question
to what i could only assume to be
religious persuasion

“merry Christmas?”
to which i replied a sighed-out
merry christmas
in return

-the old woman
bless her heart
turned in her tracks to her knobby husband
who seemed
too concerned
with his unsteady feet
on the street ice
to be bothered with much else
“i don’t think he meant that”

i should hide my pentacle
when J-Star comes to town

to hell with that noise
maybe it was less a matter of spreading
holiday cheer
and more an act of the infirm
quizzical sound
from an aged person
bending awkwardly to look
up at an approaching stranger
bad eyes
coupled with bad posture
and unexpectedly strained
old bones

the husband grunted a return
something in the way of
that summarized our individual

© Emerys Watchel, 2016 All rights reserved.


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