another day in Noplace special
wake up to caffeine supported morning
feeling like
there’s never enough sleep

radio sings of immortality
slapping the face of time
and the young ruckus bump n’ howl
for validation in the pills they pop

we are all dying
with our wild attitudes
and our intensity so fucking dumb

i want desperately for something
to happen
seeking out cliché’s to snip
and metaphors to cultivate
there has got to be a reason
out there
all of this

my dreams don’t remember me anymore
were they important?
what’s the difference?

i want what everyone wants, don’t i
love to ease the pain of living

excitement to break up
but you’re all so terribly boring

i will scream, if i must
to make the pieces take shape
and cry in anorexic wards

and spend myself
into eternity

smash them, throw them into the yard’s
sidewalks and alleyways of America

cover your children’s ears and pray
the service provider boogeymen don’t come
knocking on your door
insisting that you owe THEM something
for nothing

put your dogs to the whip
and mush, MUSH

Monday’s around the corner
and the zombies have already begun to feed
on your baby’s babies

if nothing else comes
from the wreckage you create
at least
have an original thought
do something interesting with all of the fuck
that you are

so terribly boring.

© Emerys Watchel, 2017 All rights reserved.


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