Impermanent: For Dylan Thomas

tickled by the rub of love
men shave their years
thread golden chocolate boxes
for the light
of green girl faces

daring fates and
fanciful jest
to sweep and be swept
by pink plump traps, fairer
than soap soft hair

for chance to awe at
perfumed legs, slendered
on silk sheet dreams of sex
for games we play at toys as these
when the devil drives
necessity compels best

tickled by the rub of love
women wear their braids
as bangles, bouncing
as lace lined satin
lips and painted dress

fragility portrayed to conceal
that tempestuous,
un-allayable hunger, screaming mad
behind storm-stung fears
of alone
on Valentine’s Day each year

for the crazy mix
of need and want, we fall
and pray to be wholly consumed
in the finite fire
of a lover’s jaws, tickled
by the cruelest rub of all

© Emerys Watchel, 2017 All rights reserved.


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