Downtown Thursday

do you not know
that your Inventor is You?
self-taught self behaviour
by instruction
the sinister irony of
learn by doing

i saw the people-suits
propelling workforce
through their week-long
“…some of them want to use you
some of them
want to get used by
you, Some of them want to
abuse you,
Some of them want to be abused…” *

Radio up
to suffuse the illusory
vehicular formation
listening numbly to
the Radio commercial announcer
sexing-up the new Lexus sales prices
+ 10,000 Aeroplan miles
to Tom Jones’ It’s Not Unusual
16,000 xxdollar investment
for something i could get cheaper
from a used car salesman
(but) “then they sent me away
taught me how to be
logical, respectable-practical,
and they showed me a world
where I could be
intellectual-cynical…” *
immediately I,
without a further thought,
the station personalities
of accidental genius

then looked to my right
to see, unmissably,
gunmetal grey-blue
half rusted dirt box 2-door
driver’s side window down
single occupant male
thirty-something white
shaved head
dark sports sunglasses blaring
with a perma-frown goatee
and wondered
does an individual grow
to become, so exactly,
a typified personality

next thought: is it possible
that we are; all of us,
ideas of ourselves
populating (our) immediate space
with symbolic manifestations
of said ideas?

salable notions of a singular
vision (?)
“…Hey teacher,
leave us kids alone…” *

be still perilous intellect,
dream only dreams of forgetting,
live only lives of surrender
“…All in all
you’re just a-
‘nother brick in
wall…” *
reflecting ego-approved image/ideas
applied to
the Self manifest construct personality
projecting reflected projection
…”When you’re strange
faces come out of the rain
-when you’re strange…” *
convinced of self-believed spectral reality
…”coloured lights can hypnotize
sparkle someone elses eyes, ‘mera-woman,
said get away-ay…” *
I weep for you in 1898
for your natural history
soon to be raped for American Sugar Co.
oh Cuba,
seduced into capitalist bondage
can you hear their fat parasite shoes
to shopping Malls
with murderous minds?
…”I undress
in seven steps
like your camera’s watching me
I suppose
I’ll strike a pose
-but that’s so predictable…” *

Teach me something New
to reject
Rip my awe open
the soft-tissue flesh of idea
in the throbbing cavity -I,
a seed root
from which to dangle
slow-dance my puppet
eye to eye,
mouth to mouth,
inhale my Liberty
destroy my identity and replace it
with commercial-jingle memory
“…I’m on my way
from misery to happiness
I’m on my way
to what I want from this world
And years from now
you’ll make it to the next world,
and everything that you receive up yonder
is what you gave to me
the day I wandered…” *

*Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams,
Supertramp – The Logical Song,
Pink Floyd – Another Brick In The Wall,
The Doors – People Are Strange,
The Guess Who – American Woman,
July Talk – Picturing Love,
The Proclaimers – I’m On My Way

The preceding was edited from notes
hastily scribbled on a semi-stained napkin
procured from a passenger-seat wastebin/
this poet’s mind raced to keep step
as the ironies arrived
with impossible celerity

attempting to acquire the moment.

© Emerys Watchel, 2017 All rights reserved.


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