February Snow

covered school
yard where the kids search
for their snow tracks
from yesterday

the community store
proprietor shovels and salts
for the ease of foot traffic,
and neon vigil

the City dragged the beaver dams
from Wakamow
River snaking up through the
valley under a white blanket

a man sits alone
on an upturned twenty gallon bucket
line dropped down ice hole
searching the un-fishable muddy water

thistle carcasses
and fronds dried
by the roadside, husks frozen
straw-stiff in marsh mud

train whistle black smoke
rolling graffiti, a hundred cars long
past the refinery
under white grey sky

sun pierced clouds over
Crescent Park duck water, an old couple
arm in arm, trudge on ice-melt path
exhausting breath mist below the Library

© Emerys Watchel, 2017 All rights reserved.


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