in a world of other animals we grazed in bitter disposition

a close friend
and colleague in whom i place
respect befitting an intellectual,
alarmed me
the other day
during one of our conversations

Never content to idly chew on one
topic, we
often allowed the dialogue
to evolve of its natural volition
his statement halted
allsuch imaginings

“I think it would be best for our species
to expire.”
his voice did not waver, yet it held
no contempt

i watched him
turn his eyes to the evening sky
perceiving the cosmos
in its infinite possibility,
and i understood his meaning

humans pollute, it is our nature
a thing so beautifully kept
from our reach
might be better so

i then looked along the avenues
and imagined
Roman colonnades
buried beneath landfill refuse
in the rising tide

Silently waiting
for the moment to resolve

© Emerys Watchel, 2017 All rights reserved.


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