fedoras on City buses
behind pop-literature in cafés
claiming identity is counterculture
censoring the avant-garde
of today

they put themselves
on their crosses
attempt to feel
something tortuous to protest
if you’d ask, if
you’d only ask
a thimble of genius
the outpour
is vaginal

delicious tears

“The problem with today’s generation
that they haven’t lived
in a time before technology
them.” *
I see
multi-billion dollar mother-
boards, fiber-optic ghettos
–people drones
modular planetary cities
the Martians mow the lawn
day in the plastic sun
and the children cry, and
call it
–  political

6% of Americans (191,400)
are faced with a compulsive
Other surveys have reported figures ranging
from 12% to 16% (382,800 – 510,400)
~World Psychiatry, 2007

Nahed Hattar
a prominent writer from a Christian family
–Charged With Insulting Islam
is Killed as Extremism Boils Over in Jordan
~NY Times , September 2016

two men with AK47 assault weapons
storm headquarters of Charlie Hebdo newspaper
murdering at least 12 people including 10 journalists.
~January 7, 2015

Adult obesity prevalence by state and territory
… More than one-third (36.5% – 1,154,780) of U.S. adults have 

~Sep 1, 2016 –

“Life is paradoxically finite.” *

* Quotes by Author
© Emerys Watchel, 2017 All rights reserved.


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