when was it never me?

constantly writing
constantly thinking
new ideas, thinking
constantly – constantly,
thought I knew
your face
from mine
a shadow in a dream
an illusion
of a metaphor
living, living
health is a concern
mental health
a conscious alarmclock
somewhere behind the wall
with the chattering teeth
of mice
intra-cranial tunnels
constantly – constantly,
scribble it down
attack the next thought
rip it apart
describe the viscera
next one,
next one,
hummingbird looking for a feeder

living, living
a semantic time loop
collapsing inward
as the fickle rain falls
wet upon the laurel
of imagination

I dreamt I questioned
I woke
and did,
I dreamt a better question

© Emerys Watchel, 2017 All rights reserved.


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