Meat Farms

where in the end
is the self
from the beginning?
from influence, free
to grow individually?

they’re always trying to tell you
that knowledge is power, &
you are what you eat
I say really?
to me it seems
you are
who you have around you
idea of yourself

when did the Media
start inventing the News
when will they claim
for acronyms
when will they admit
is an extension of economy
that we are expendable
that our co-dependant support
is rewarded
with global pollution,
political double-speak,
and tax-hike scare tactics?

You are not Yourself,
You are what they Sell you!

they know
your ego will emulate
a strong disposition
to escape the torment of reality
they know
,and i can’t prove
the results of mind-control research
but i can look outside
and see the shepherds and the

© Emerys Watchel, 2017 All rights reserved.


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