overheard while loitering at the gas-bar

1 hour ago: There’s trouble
down in Mexico. My friend’s sister said
when she was in Puerto Vallarta
there were men on the beach
with guns.

“does this have something to do
with Trump building that stupid

No, I think it’s drug people.

“Like, the Cartels?”

Yeah. I heard a farmer down there say
that he liked that Trump was
President. The wall keeps out all
those people coming, and going.”

“so, they sold the underground railroad
to the State…”

I guess so. You can’t go anywhere anymore.

45 minutes ago: He’s a natural, you don’t
have to teach him anything. You watch him,
and he teaches you.

“he sounds gifted”

He is, but my wife can’t keep him
off drugs, and those damn video games
are making him antisocial.

“what do you do?”

She says that I’m too busy with work
to notice.

“are you?”

Hey, I’ve got responsibilities.
If it weren’t for me she’d be out on the street.

15 minutes ago: what’s your opinion
of Hillary?

“Some guy accused me of supporting
Hillary, and I said “Fat chance bud.
Like I would support some reptile creature
in her quest to become supreme overlord
of the US.”

you know, She won the people’s vote.

“Whatever, Trump’s my boy.”

5 minutes ago: got off my ass and walked home
with a sigh.

© Emerys Watchel, 2017 All rights reserved.


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