it is what it is

those triangles
hung around her neck
like a shark-tooth necklace
more geometric
,and cut
to catch light

the largest triangle
lay snugly
at the nape of her
impossible to miss
with the angle of the counter
that one was always looking
at the receptionists
fat girls
with obvious self-image

made it clear
that I was interested
in what was
going on
I noticed her tits
and triangles
of course
but I’m not an animal

…just paying rent

staring into the middle distance
the cab ride downtown
passed by a man
pushing fifty
wearing a lime green t-shirt
&a grey hooded sweater
unzipped, hood down
walking into the rain
he’s makin’ good time. i
passed by that guy over on
eleventh, the cabbie said,
must be wet
with those plastic slippers
he’s wearing.”

“hardship comes easily
to some people.”
thought to myself
watching that man
carrying a folded child’s umbrella
bright pink
returning it to a granddaughter,
a random stranger
with inappropriate shoes
caught by the pinch
of responsibility

I walked home from the rental office
in the rain
mine was
for want of cab fare, christ
they raised my rent
a hundred bucks!

maybe next time I’ll pay her
jewellery a compliment

make small talk
with eye contact
when I can live with myself
for it
I’ll knuckle-under
become old

© Emerys Watchel, 2017 All rights reserved.


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