verbose, smokes profusely
loud, opinionated
an odd duck
desperate to fit in
or for the illusion of
enjoys being thought of
is crass in his depictions of women
speaks openly about
his mistreatment of others
quick to argue
is angered easily

a charismatic thief
betrayed my companionship
helped himself to my things
to persons
in whom i had a long-established
he deceived in my name
tread on my honor
with callow accountability
i felt somehow
to him

though i had lost
all i had sought to replace
and with time
i had

he came around again
i couldn’t refuse
like a manic-depressive
to the solitary destruction
that consumes as a shadow
yet soothes
like the deep sleep
by the

© Emerys Watchel, 2017 All rights reserved.


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