the truth about artificial intelligence

do you remember when i
‘d call you up
&we’d talk for hours&the con
-versation w’ld be about nothing

of us w’ld be folding laundry or
a familiar song w’ld play in the background
w’ld be that reminiscing on a word
soundslike touching laughter

whom forinstance said
i told you how much i was moved
that you w’ld bother
to come through that wilderness

with me

© Emerys Watchel, 2019 All rights reserved.



in watercool shade
temperature just right&paddling out
to admire plumages + gaggle
of mothers
and their little hunters sniping at bugs
for sport for SpringbigSun -this
is a fiction

understand it is middleWinter,please
the pool is frozen i must fill it
with/and so the fronds are busy
with the wings of things that larvae
on the slime of rocks

among the social ducks; a swan
thinks he is)or anyway decided is
that higherpower was the reason for
moon’s continual face

when looked the others saw
an egoinflated duck no swan, no me ignoring
risingSnow&falling icicles
the pond’s a dried-up metaphor besides

the clique and the pariah

© Emerys Watchel, 2019 All rights reserved.


a portion
of defensible balustrade still managing
to offer sanctuary
despite the crumble

portage, and parapet
from which a survey might be conducted
,a plan devised,
or safety assured

when used co-junctively with
l a s t
;hopelessness underpins the archic texture
of a lone citadel, gleamed in a fading light
enough still to contrast
a desolate scape

she, and her words betraying no desperation,
gestures toward the perceived
beacon conjured
this is the importance of things
is the power of words

i see what it is and the translation creates
my response: a carefully constructed proposal that love
inhabits all,
hinges on the pivot

where i wait to intercept response

© Emerys Watchel, 2019 All rights reserved.