despite having a ninetyfive $credit
on my account
the ’nets out, so
between two
&four today

a maintenanceguy from my service provider
will arrive
pants will be worn
questions asked
i will feel uncomfortable again, until

&likely he
won’t diagnose the mystery
left for me to ponder
he’ll say
these things just happen”
wearing his shoes on my carpet

9, 20, ~21

© Emerys Watchel, 2021 All rights reserved.

eil a erasdog lla

___gather to me
___to the exclusion of the& other
immaculately  described

for a more taxonomical 
______we avoids them then(?
phony outsidercults of

& same -ish
s we
____who have described uniform
taken to&
_____insular patterns weave
___________a faith

© Emerys Watchel, 2021 All rights reserved.

& damnations

eke supine
___all____are offering
egg to prescient

___all are with you
grave memoriam
look!what generations have brought


___how better 

© Emerys Watchel, 2021 All rights reserved.


boxes kept
& boxes

______see n. Closure

Notable addenda
____include experiences
___in order
least favourite
oh, and photobooks all are
perfect souls

____forever neatly

___in the mechanism
_____of______temporary permanence

© Emerys Watchel, 2021 All rights reserved.

about doorways

the thing about doorways
,or __le rendez-vous __is&oh, but
nobody ever
___ in doorways (! that

intent to frame light
suggesting fragility

no different to
a jacket collar pulled up
against the rain
& situationally absent taxicabs
c’est être

but there are balconysbalconys
& men
_____with latin hearts

promise moons to women
if one would perhaps be superficially
resistant to the
___prendre des attitudes

that wasn’t what you asked me

© Emerys Watchel, 2021 All rights reserved.



how long since last time
__pulled dandelion petals

dreamed a known-me
___as a lover knows&

captured clouds
for ___ amusement

when now abrupt&conjured
_storms a
__stands at the portal

& i in sanctuary offer

© Emerys Watchel, 2021 All rights reserved.


at the end of this
in my fashion)typically
you off with a light
of positiveSome-

__right, well tonight i’d
______an expletive
stuck perfectly atop this

___&now that we’ve
addressed the elephant

might we eat our weight of
__differently organic

,&pass the salt,


© Emerys Watchel, 2021 All rights reserved.


if nothing is holy
the experience suffers, “i think
be sacred, why else etc ?
____for instance,
(she) would do
, pullingme into photobooths
(I) thought
expressionless would

it wasn’t
&when it seemed as though
a desperate
________atm’pt to recreate
a simple nothing
(she) might have seen
__________in_ movies

it wasn’t
__ wasn’t
ever polite to mention
, or that (I) had

resigned myself
________detrimental way
to that shuffle, and plod
not (I)! not
when(my)mind did swim
_______from one
beautifully imagined curiousity
______________the next
insisting openly in publicspaces
at breakdowns !
, oh that had (I) not

kept so much
to (my)self

,… ings

© Emerys Watchel, 2021 All rights reserved.


i look at them
i wash
them (to me they seem
,or tense((

they hold the vegetables
like this
& that
i chop salad, or twist
at times they seem large

,or heavy
when i am


© Emerys Watchel, 2021 All rights reserved.


its always december
_______in february
______last year

______last year
we had a proper
_____with snow
scrunched-up downtown faces
_february faces
__canadian faces
all the way to edmonton(
i don’t know about
i heard Qanon said
spaceshiplazerbeams caused
T____supporters ate Sam Hill, &
___________memes storm
_______________________‘d the Capital Bldg.
,anyway Trudeau finally pubesced
and triple A Hockey was

________but we had

© Emerys Watchel, 2021 All rights reserved.


used to have it
yes i did they said
sharing is
a letting go

tried that on for yrs
nomatter how just
never fit

have now

morelike gettin’old

© Emerys Watchel, 2021 All rights reserved.


what to be added
to the mixture

have the parts
of illness

curious meats
alive with warm

cranial electricity, alight
&vital, ah

but it is not yet
a man
without insensate

by eventual process
his desires

, blunt
(to be precise)


© Emerys Watchel, 2021 All rights reserved.


appetite was my betrayer” could
describe in epitaph
life, as lived as
for believed ever, I
that in excess One
approaches divinity

removed of Self
destroyed by Time

& of these persecuted flesh
& of these limitations to ambition
& of these
everything learned
was not taught, rather

& these
a Wonderland emboweled

© Emerys Watchel, 2021 All rights reserved.


easy to believe
(i think)
our ancestors
as ancient as science purports

risk life, or limb to the tragedy
of carnivore nomads

or that culture and spiritualism
only grew from agrarians

_________when you look out
any window_______&see

__________cars, flying
in consumer interstate network
______sending and receiving
____________in picto-glyph & holo-byte formats
________for instantaneous download
_____and usage

night sky illuminated
by our own )extra
_______-terrestrial communications


painted sabercats on cavewalls
tracked woolyrhinos in tundra hellscapes

who believed magic
in blood(?

© Emerys Watchel, 2021 All rights reserved.

Norman Rockwellians

get a life

get a job.get
get real friends.get followers
“what are you doing
you should be
out there. socialize more
eat less
drink more
“come on, let us see you,
we all

we all
miss you
have you got a woman, a man
have you got prospects
an idea
,or content

anything?! can you give me anything
you’re a mess
this is the way
the straight and narrow and popular
do what we tell you

be what we see you as

exist to occupy time
this time
this agenda
These political arrangements!

you are a definable
occupiable space

in a country where
one is allowed to mind
their own

© Emerys Watchel, 2021 All rights reserved.

your Somebody

my mother tells me
but, confesses not to understand
my thinking
“its all right,” i tell her
making a joke
and laughing at my own joke

she has made this
enough that it has become
a part of our narrative
this is why
(i think)
i felt bad when last
she visited&
set my

in order

© Emerys Watchel, 2020 All rights reserved.


with the curtains pulled down
the vibrations&
the machinery sounds
might easily
be just
a complicated architecture
of organs
& tissue
that has swallowed-up
a community
of plywood dependent

& the rattle&bump shakes
_the couch
_the floorboards
& chemical smells fumigate
every sq.foot
with the presences of
important looking vehicles

this seems an exaggerated exchange

for clean

parking spaces

© Emerys Watchel, 2020 All rights reserved.


go ahead
tell me the story of
your meat
singing in unfurnished rooms
like windchimes

tell me
how anxious since a child
to be touched
by Christ

how disillusioned
by the fraternities
of Sex

how you applied optimism
to the institutions
of workplace
of politics
of marriage
& bankruptcy

& i’ll tell you
of my
involved refusal
of these established

& we can go together
on voting day
to cast our ballots
for a future
of slaves

© Emerys Watchel, 2020 All rights reserved.


lower the television
to Attenborough narrate
a dance of seabirds
mediate the language of Kingdoms
is background noise
i, from my individual won’t
revive the reef

feed the North Atlantic
rescue warming meltice
though (i) might
live through these vegetations

share a den with wolves
deeply pungeant hibernations
blanketed, fungal
in shroomlattice
& sleep

numbering the foot trails
tiny insects

© Emerys Watchel, 2020 All rights reserved.

a review

i would like to
apply myself(oh, yes) to developing
an identifyable misunderstanding
prickly personality
a drama-artist
pseudoanalytically re-
interpreting established text
,the kind of person

that others could look at and say
everybody look
there’s so-and-so,
i know him.” or,
“he enthusiastically
in Hell

am i going to do(?

© Emerys Watchel, 2020 All rights reserved.

learned nothing

i remember crashing in through
the tiny balcony
like a plane nose-first
on the carpet

whole evening walk
started with badgrass&suspicion
chasing as people emerged
from shadows, from the moon
from the sidewalk

i hid in the kitchen
knees to my ears
waiting for
the headlights
the loud voices
to stop
&the quiet
to return

i learned nothing about
,or love thy neighbour
“chickenshits,” i heard myself say

and i answered back

© Emerys Watchel, 2020 All rights reserved.


i think mostly never
that strawman should have been given

for he knew quite well
that he was flammable
ergo, was self-aware

his ought to have been courage,
courage to brave
the inevitable pyre

© Emerys Watchel, 2020 All rights reserved.


it all falls open
,you see(?
even this, a page empty
is filled

a trick mistaken for
but there is no true creation
it is as nothing
from nothing

here you are
because you are searching
&I am here because
exists to find me

un-molded clay taking
equal to the sum

of your heart

© Emerys Watchel, 2020 All rights reserved.

Me and Everyone else

there aren’t enough hours in a day
for the amount
of sleep
i want

i don’t like schedules
why must i

wear socks without holes
trim my beard
wash my face
brush my teeth three times a day
use medicated acne creams
shake hands
be polite
say yes when the truth is no, or
no when the truth is yes

or remain silent when i have nothing nice
to say

observe (etcetera) etiquette

i would rather burp when i’m full
fart when i’m gassy
at ____ rotten children

© Emerys Watchel, 2020 All rights reserved.


i told her
the bed was too soft
&it made my
back hurt

an order was placed
&i would have
three to five business days

but i was diagnosed
at an early age&
(she knows this)

felt the cure
for a too-soft mattress


i’m on the bus w/
this sweet


i will write (her) a response

© Emerys Watchel, 2020 All rights reserved.


the pavement is being worked on
___concrete broken
____shoveled up
______loaded into trucks
& taken away

the wear had been showing
in cracks

it offended people
all for a bit of green
_____________________you know
_______________________cityworkers bid on this
__________________to come up here
& hammer out a fresh paved

its like a reverse balding
life had been beginning to show
& they wanted that



,so its going to be noisy
for a couple weeks

© Emerys Watchel, 2020 All rights reserved.

spaced public

there is&the
weatherman said pleasant things
describing cloudforms

the park that day
alive, with
__________buzzy bees

it was sad to hear
that girl was raped
by the waterfall
the old people
didn’t come around much
the pastor put more vinegar, &animation
in his sermon
that sunday

but people are not weather
which was


© Emerys Watchel, 2020 All rights reserved.

water for Dinosaurs

educated in echo chambers
the envy
of political café hats
speaking up-to-the-minute journalism factuals
whom i despise
for possessing energetic reserves&
functional world-interest
active on social platforms
quoting capitol affairs fr/a litany of names

seems like an anger unrequited
&how dare i characterize thin-skin
&rude to confuse attention w/ ignorance
from my irrelevant station raised
on superstitious magic
back-woods hollisticism a
prolific meat-eater encouraged to dream utopias

what have i but criticisms
and pocketfuls of foreign esoteric currency(?

© Emerys Watchel, 2020 All rights reserved.

an intercourse

smiling inward thinking
of all definitions for romantic
what romantic means in a moment, so
let the mind wander
as it does
rmb’ring what that was when
was younger
-to an older more settled
tired self

guess ill take sm’eat out the freezer
pull the good dishes down&

attempt to lazy spaghetti winebottle

© Emerys Watchel, 2020 All rights reserved.


thats when in comes the

– – this one is mineyours
might be different
, but

has a low quiet flame close
to the floor in
circle all&
somewhere in the middle between
floor and ceiling middle is

seeing in the flicker feeling light

rise up nude legs&disappear eyes
what just was

forgotten doing remembered looking for

here trapping(> a mouth moves
& teeth&teeth
& —

in that low humming smile

© Emerys Watchel, 2020 All rights reserved.


defoliate the furniture
ruffle all the linens&
under the legs of tables
featherout the webs
discover new old spiders
messyup the settled dust
busy as brooms, choking
old in the open room
particulates floating visible&let
the light fold in. “say, and my what a beautiful

mess we made”

© Emerys Watchel, 2020 All rights reserved.


went with all of the ancient felt
possibly to that space
waited, i

“you see,
they keep all them cardiologymachines
on a separate floor”

with the ideas of trees&of birds
&chairs quiet with magazines
shuffling people
actually old
young&stupid me in the Golf&Fishing digests
,a puzzle
to one elderly woman attached fixedly to
her wheelchair&(a sentence wordlessly shared
–  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  -over the subject of my untied shoelace
what happenstance my being there

aglets clicking loudly on the tile

© Emerys Watchel, 2020 All rights reserved.


there is a less-energetic, more
exhausted, so&what comes of this
un-resounding clanging.or. that

bouncing light particles present the curvature
&objects mediate function through the neural&
the retinal
if a tree fell in a thought experiment, i
too am aware of a uselesness
in crying-out a
pain were mine the only ears to hear
make real(?

then though there are these&words
dignify experience
when read by a mind imagining time
so too then i exist as information preserved
in varied assembled forms
of forest

© Emerys Watchel, 2020 All rights reserved.

a) Graffiti of Polite Society

inwhich identity is
required to match threatened idea of&
self an
effective consumer archetype caricature

mind imagines ambition as constant
or) not typical institution determined :
married employed voting taxpayer graduate
or) anomalous niche fringes :
part-time loner pedestrian drug-addict deliquent

in reality none of this is person
a dependable consistent
She makes of His wandering an island
teaches He to settle in Her nesting
&there are lawnmower leaf-rake shedShedSheds&
how many obligatory kindnesses, really(?

romantic tablesetting&converse
violences abate moments&tv trays wrinkle
softness a wither

ofwhich sensitive is
suspect&exhibit in awkward sexual judgement
combative regarding authority illfit to reason
cocksure, immortal

expediently dissolved
ultimately individual

© Emerys Watchel, 2020 All rights reserved.


&of the skyblue
purpled with coral, rainbow’d with fish
social/ in groups
to their elements each darting&hunting
lively pristine
of Cousteau’s conservationalist messages
bringing attention to
macro-polluting Earth’s birthplaces &t/
disappearing reef-dependant marine animals
we are become desert; hoard of bones
the Life that gathers here
is an evolution of scarcity
a picture of illness
struggling to frontier wasteland

© Emerys Watchel, 2020 All rights reserved.

from the parapet

in defense of misfortune
argue obvious
foundations of sand

do this; make ready
the sacrifice

-there will be nothing
spoken of victory in
either event

a gainless memorial
of choice holding a doorway

© Emerys Watchel, 2020 All rights reserved.

formulae for time

the worst of it
is the going, after
&a transplant
retain’d memories with
left-behind limbs

testament to struggle

find me now this vial!
slender trapping
to dispel
be otherwise dispossessed

not withering, will be
or a fading such
lengthening of night

it will be we”
sat in the drum
upbraiding racket

caught by the cookie-jar
going before

© Emerys Watchel, 2019 All rights reserved.

entre nous

let us of(then)
-the touching ;speak
would name the tips
&reaching want a curiosity
O, nothing is unknown
that is

to name(then)what
predatorial advances(?
a daring to creep innocent

speak one “yes,
-one yes.remove&awkwardly
into a different pleasure
for all what torture kept
had eaten out the heart

of it
rythm slows to stealing

each from each

© Emerys Watchel, 2019 All rights reserved.

qu’est-ce que c’est?

when there are nomore
&every available lie has been
,like so many balloons(
a d r i f t & )
a you, a me there

forgetting faces
it will come

that dreamed of day when
all collisions
have of sacrifice a little breathing
i would say, “wishing has (we knew
the dangers of that place
had hooks
been cast
into that torment go and grew

for a somewhere Sun
never sets

© Emerys Watchel, 2019 All rights reserved.


whether the micro(macro)/multi -possibles
with all of whatever is or will be

every event contained

however beautiful to imagine
that we
can be in no other place
then where we are

rather that we have been

to arrive.hands,held,sidebyside
backs to the future
with patience

our struggling past

© Emerys Watchel, 2019 All rights reserved.


it has(as of last-night
uncountable millions of flakes)begun
to&blanket the everything

a wet mess this
first weeks of motorists misunderstanding
canadian winter

the change is actual
not metaphorical, there is science
in the slowed arrangement of molecules
;hexagonal crystals

it is happening even now(
hear sirens wailing over caution tape
can you?)

September is a tease

© Emerys Watchel, 2019 All rights reserved.

pour vous

cannot force the instrument, i
to my will -there is
an agitator must event the process)this
happens, can and does

to the words then&arranging
with purpose

a calligraphy

© Emerys Watchel, 2019 All rights reserved.


i thought about trifling some
romantical flippancy -a moment ripe
when gentler tones
do not abide this brutal present-tense

what a fist takes of touch
differently(the anxiety of being lost
or silenced by
that frenzying need to be first, be

it is not
an evening slow
when summer simmers low,and the clouds abide
a wide and starlit sky
the insects all

bring forth the firefly
)though, that is close

© Emerys Watchel, 2019 All rights reserved.


what if(? -you)assured that i
knew for me what was&what wasn’t
that this
methodology/reasoning 4moi)made sense
wld yu

let me alone?discover
if was right, i

trying constantly to get in
aren’t you

problems with locked doors

© Emerys Watchel, 2019 All rights reserved.


it(has)been since Mar 1st/10
&i will nvr4get
the countryside
Old House
(probably condemned now
the ghosts that i had
met there
heart+mind open beneath an
in-pouring night

it’s funny – now
surrounded by so many
feeling alone in a full


the dense ruckus ofwhich makes
a silence

© Emerys Watchel, 2019 All rights reserved.

ee cummings

and so he walked the streets
falling in love with the people
that he met

this is a remembering self
a passionate tolerance

being shaped by and shaping
consider any witness to experience
perhaps it was the flower in her hair
made ironic

a tendency toward nudity

and so he mused

a so-delicately described admiration
the horror beneath
where the audience finds
a truth about what is imagined

there are no secrets

© Emerys Watchel, 2019 All rights reserved.

this week in Hell

gird thyself&wade
the hallow places, look
they come(!

’tis the morning light they drink
in a fellowship of rafters

to the evening sow the downs

lay what last
fitly sleep

&dream the seraphim made them weep

His ab is a gold rib
and the lice
are licking faith

“oh kill,
oh kill all mercies for their sake”

were there, were are
&thusly swore there from
there will always be

a sword
to fall upon

© Emerys Watchel, 2019 All rights reserved.


wreckage is stories
:a collection of&
mangled into unfinished
arranged,shattered reattached

now mass unrecognizable
from origin

the sore edges sting
forever until
a compression gooily lumps the former
to a new digestible

by whichever can adopt


© Emerys Watchel, 2019 All rights reserved.


every odyssey begins with
an idea of Self; golden’d in final aquisition
of that so-desired object

spurred by curiosity’s guile,
and rudderless whim, or bitten
by pangs of longing

,or either; adventure’s
thrust upon the unwilling, or contented
to a folly of mischief

in either event a prevailing thought
will emerge
that of home, or of glory

it is not God(or Gods)that reward
this tenacity

it is with tenebral persistence that we
shape dream out of failure

© Emerys Watchel, 2019 All rights reserved.

giddying little sorrow

for any of this(these)to be
than just impermanence
onedesire must, above all others glow

That! the light by which we guide
our instrument
That! future to which we cast

for fantasy be.made.real
This! or less;that vessels girded
with semi-precious wishes, only

and minor victories of chance-value
-a lusterless trinket

© Emerys Watchel, 2019 All rights reserved.


&by imagining each disaster
changing detail

can we
trace an accuracy of steps
back to our present
fumbling navigations

keeping sacred our virtues,and silent
ward against the wildness

purest drop of remedy white
before a cacophonous sea
of other droplets

© Emerys Watchel, 2019 All rights reserved.


she said”you arewhat you
are.” to a stunned, i
if this is true then every-
thing.every fought-for
refused for, insisted on(lengthened tooth&
&wordsexchangedinanger(instantly-grayed for
thing, a:

forgettable transform
of clumsy origami, or

easily now so distant
looking upon

ignorant curls of dust
remembered differently&
by no one

© Emerys Watchel, 2019 All rights reserved.


seems a prize for all
the grooming
x’s & o’s.Her.
wants a vacancy occupied.i
.(impeccably intentioned) totter
at the plummet
hamstrung by antiquated(possibly)not
whether ventured or not nothing is

© Emerys Watchel, 2019 All rights reserved.


eclipsed by the consuming
the once proud seafarer submits
to eternal

by the hands that made her
with every enchantment, and superstition
in foreknowing the navigable mysterious
ahead and on all sides

by the belief in her radiance, guided
and fell

fodder for invaders

© Emerys Watchel, 2019 All rights reserved.


quiet is all are all(if
exclude the murmuring stomach
‘s)& a twisting of bodies

anticipatory, eagerly
the slack-jawed gathering hush
for a parade of enzymes

a chattering resumes
saluting the soul

© Emerys Watchel, 2019 All rights reserved.


seizing upon hunted
delighting in the(e
in a selfprovidence
worse offenses

,a reality with this evidence
as foundation

breaking surface gambol
altering permissive

a guiltless suffering

© Emerys Watchel, 2019 All rights reserved.


of exhaustible thought energy
even as we never think of our selves
as self “ish”
,or that we give without expecting transactional

which is a lie

the moment when natural growth was
inhibited by civilization’s prudence,
the simplicity of the animal kingdom
had been lost

© Emerys Watchel, 2019 All rights reserved.

Rubble Town Still

across the prairie, snow is blowing
like a wave
wind beyond the cottager homes set
in their huddle
town, aglister with the busy-crunch of plod
a plume of whinnying engines
sky dusky velvet
chipper enforcement officers test benevolence
on ditch-bound potatoes
in tow truck paradise
an exhausted unemployment line waits
mail carriers, late
for the weather
all of the grisly chatter imaginable
at FoodBank twenty-blocks in the wrong direction
offbrand vegetable tins
over a desolate bridge

© Emerys Watchel, 2019 All rights reserved.


because the essence of human existence
should be liquified in metaphor
Time’s immutable drum be deafened
song and story be

and language

© Emerys Watchel, 2019 All rights reserved.


a portion
of defensible balustrade still managing
to offer sanctuary
despite the crumble

portage, and parapet
from which a survey might be conducted
,a plan devised,
or safety assured

when used co-junctively with
l a s t
;hopelessness underpins the archic texture
of a lone citadel, gleamed in a fading light
enough still to contrast
a desolate scape

she, and her words betraying no desperation,
gestures toward the perceived
beacon conjured
this is the importance of things
is the power of words

i see what it is and the translation creates
my response: a carefully constructed proposal that love
inhabits all,
hinges on the pivot

where i wait to intercept response

© Emerys Watchel, 2019 All rights reserved.

Nipple Clamps

the day was uneventful,
apart from its ordinariness -the droll
and drum, and etcetera being always there
of course
though as these things do briefly abate
without the procession of a curtain’s parting

the exciting thing of a moment has happened;
that tickled, goose-pimple shudder, that
is why we’re here.
this, and such for my telling it; She.

as all men have lived there has, had, and will be
songs purpled with desire
stories rich with those gems of the imagination
poems, women, moments
and the endless searching for words capable
of that singular
perfect description.

mine; as instantaneous as
a door opening -time there stilled
seemingly to a stop before all returned
to monotony’s ever-present spell.

it was a weightless curl of hair slipping
off her shoulder as she -half-turning
in a doorframe
stepped me by politely. i: a-blush,
or must have more than smiled
at such an accidental enchantment, as she
sidelong had shared a pickerel grin
under a direct
and slowly closing eye

the small seconds of a heartbeat,
and an eternity ascending
through varied imagined episodes of consensual gore

© Emerys Watchel, 2018 All rights reserved.

to have

you always knew,didn’t-
we had said
it many times so ghostly
as cold winter mountains
shadows stretching to meet almost
and never quite songs
in echoes a deep forest calling
and listening

when first clouds parted and metaphors
stuck weightless like dandelion spores
and time stopped and snow fell
in a moment all
was auburn and chestnut
knew always didn’t

this moment right here)this room
i’ve seen before

that’s how
whoever we were hurts more
to hold

© Emerys Watchel, 2018 All rights reserved.


power’s out
had been for uncountable
impatiently waited
at the window for maintenance
in their un-necessarily talkative
company insignia cover all’s


the other tenants
by various modes
have transported their bodies
to districts still
in electric hum

impassively, i deliberated
up, and down the barefoot halls

decided by eventuality
that i
might too attempt a local exploration
for a coffee-house
bowl of soup and a seat
to privately ignore Time’s

along my slippery way
i searched for houses alive with light
,and finding none
but phantom figures peering back
at me
from their quiet dwellings
did not raise my

at the top of a hill
where the road bends

i could see clearly
despite the snow that my destination
was unlit
,and employees were politely turning away
gainlessly then
i decided my return

seeing none but one man
walking an anemic
toy-breed dog dressed snugly
in a red scarf
the mis-matched pair implied that
dog belonged to wife
and that man was undesirably

evidenced further by
his impatient treatment of the animal
i observed
,and without judgement

imagined self

© Emerys Watchel, 2018 All rights reserved.


alright i’ll show you
once again the trick
is to be mindful
of position respective to light
seemingly will move
as if commanded
then i watched as she
with an expression of delight
suggesting wondrous manifestation
moved the imagined
and i saw only
hands in silhouette
the canvas

© Emerys Watchel, 2018 All rights reserved.

you people

-cause invited i sit
my thousand poems
cushioned neatly underneath
that not a madman here is
battling constant inhabitation
exfoliate charms
in an obvious attempt at at-

baiting a lengthy(albeit perfundant)
ignored, politely stir my tea
no thanksyes please

the crust of bread is fine

© Emerys Watchel, 2018 All rights reserved.

black rose

would we
as children, recognize
each other

did not then know what
for looking was, i

a reason?)in these
forests, in sweetsmelling
streams –
turning to footfalls
in spring frost, see

a dream for a thing different
than any other
to its natural

,or in itself despairing

© Emerys Watchel, 2018 All rights reserved.

barefoot in the yard

adore cemeteries though
seldom speak
of them outside of metaphors

trying to preserve the features
of her memory
in a country house
delicates on the laundryline
licking songbird from its paws
belly sun warmed
in the grass

attic full of empty boxes stuffed
with forgetting, do you imagine
as i do
she humms to herself
a thing like a rhyme
in the yard

between the clothespegs
in all the textures of
an instant

without fading

© Emerys Watchel, 2018 All rights reserved.

living and dying

when recreated waiting
hammock afternoons
bugnets catching
rainbows no storms, no
books&musty dust
i have in many
of paper pencil shavings
crumpled ideas
wrinkled elbows

history told
in desk topographies
the horizon destroyed


© Emerys Watchel, 2018 All rights reserved.


hello happens with a fold
in space
i see myself in a future
near enough for touching
to be held
by you, “Hello,”

and everything seems to still
a moment theorized by time
-travellers(our unity
has deleted past-possibles
,and created

in an instant twines its roots
around our bodies
the surrender and the resistance
is a force
mistaken for fate
if but to conclude:
an irrational reality has
within it actual consequence

then your two feet, and mine,
have stumbled
getting here (in that each stumble was)
an unseen fortune
waiting to present itself
as our steps finally

reliving the new, and wonderfully-new
is as human an event as anything
but all the clocks are ticking
time will arrive
with differential speed
the dreaming done it must be
decided (by every name including
relationship) where

going with this are we
now as two
with the world at a doorstep

© Emerys Watchel, 2018 All rights reserved.


there will be a panic
a mystery unresolved, pain
tugging at threads of the

unseen. a fear of going
beyond the border of return
there will be doors

of moments, windows of interaction
closing opening, or
the reverse is not a guarantee

you will be tested. the end
will event itself in an
obvious fashion. made clear when

time will allow a retrospective view.
there will be an emptiness
to be filled, a wound

replaced. an addiction
in the form of an escape. there
will be lies, you will tell

them to

© Emerys Watchel, 2018 All rights reserved.

thought opression

entryway opens with a
the anti-theft scanners
are always there
silent sentry. every
loophole has been accounted for
cameras monitor activity

the subjects stare. in defense
of personal space
some talk out loud
their private wars with
personal oppressors
are considered crazy
most do this in their heads

the cashier has an anxious way
of making conversation
is everybody traumatized?
get what you can while it’s on sale
& try not to think too much


© Emerys Watchel, 2018 All rights reserved.

still want

remember always a some
thing wanted, I
what that was or changeschange)s
less now
then ask
am i doing in this room

excuses to personsuit&walk
my wear
streets of people imitating self
for a dreamer un-dreamed
king an un-initiate to def
barter over cost the best
parts of anatomy my
most alluring
i hope,pants

off.conversation terribly feel
s a streetfight like drag
-ged backalleyscared words.my
talking/acting never
come out, come across
shame to meet
awkward IDK
what is a man expected
to, why

i love have loved met love
can cry
remember connected being a
hair on pillow mused skin
perfumed delicate thin
how cld i forget ?ever
staring back
at mine or trying not
to smile

she am now have not me
i do
again and want to


© Emerys Watchel, 2018 All rights reserved.

make again

when found begins
freshthumb explored dis
-covered naval

all within alight with
eyes and probes sear
-ching New &nothingNew&

creator then decides

let inhabit whisper
-ing,ghosts(or make
again of tumblestuff

© Emerys Watchel, 2018 All rights reserved.


the towers
a line of trees
yours and mine
decided removed built destroyed
and argued
the pieces move from out the
roots of mountains

sorting the collected
toppled stacks
of tumble
arrange a circle
fence rounding gardens

for love we did for
grudged reprisals
over many a spell
and well-meant gesture moving
kissred mouths
purring thro
-ugh the windows

all we made we made
a priceless thing
the hurt trenched
beneath what we could not

time moved its million Suns
in one red moment
a brilliance shared

an eternity destroyed

© Emerys Watchel, 2018 All rights reserved.

after Florence

from this distance
i find it hard to imagine
an ocean trampling across
the prairies

water destroying, drowning its way
through every thing
and there’s the fear that One can survive
only so many disasters

from here i sit, companied with empathy
wondering over your many
there was perfectness, this is not it

for you
my thoughts are a nest of concerns
would it move you to know, would you cry
and wish for me

has all that you have, or had
been finally taken for the last time?
for me
it is you

there are hells yet
for miles on all sides
this one here, so far away
is mine

© Emerys Watchel, 2018 All rights reserved.


carpet stains
a hallway full of doors
smells like police tape
and torture for
get ready the internet is waiting

news report draws attention to violence
support the underdog victims
of society
with fetishist sex analogues
navigating bondage
“**** did what **** could to stay alive”
interviewed neighbours detail
a history of behaviour

sympathetic dialogue
consistent with the ephemera of the scene
organised material
“had *** ***** in common” between
bookends and bath towel superstition
disembodied souls meant to be

nevermind the limp unfettered laughter
remembered true as sunbeams intimately held
auburn and chestnut spoons
in a naked fire

backed up against the wall
challenged to respond for sport
react defend, entertain the ignoble
pushed to the point of attacking everything
keep nothing sacred

been here before, be here again
it was always and never supposed to be like

© Emerys Watchel, 2018 All rights reserved.

Glass Castles

there have always been moments
when the clouds break
always the feel of pavement
and temperamental skies

always a hopeful thought
for rainbows
,like legends passed down
from ancient days

always the pangs of loss
and joy in acquiring things anew
glass castles though they are
and wandering from heart to heart

only as real as transient desire

© Emerys Watchel, 2018 All rights reserved.


loved on the way excited to the space
that voice holds anxiously to a name playing
you and you and you spritely at the spoken
carries like a flicker in the skin
exposed what had sharpened tooth to bone

almost floating over the weatherwet pavements
when found forgotten how had feet kept step
to that dance of faces drained the morrow
sped increasing comfortable gestures fall
a curl upon the slowly letting in

finger traced a flower wreathing ribbon
shared between sounds of mouthed release
caution care fragility dares a telling
stories move fires in phantom hearths
ghostly settled dust a bittered flavour
curse laid on the bridge between two rooms

forgiven repeated forgiven a larger sphere
reveals a path away and to the all
kindle renewed want a breathing closer
to decorate cathedral’d rook and stone
streams a trickle hearts a beating river
real is truer than what touch can spell

without guile or need to secret knowledge
upon once a child remembered planting
seeds the armoured towers in age we wore
contempt would rust familiar to the loathe

retreat to self neglected by the bruise
to reinforce defending mutual interest
this is owed to eating more than given
dried the garden wildly overgrown

© Emerys Watchel, 2018 All rights reserved.


i have given you all
and now am nothing
it would have been a beautiful
ruin to watch
us dancing like ravens
above the onrushing ground
ribbons of each other
between our beaks
it doesn’t end like this
anger will take the place of desire
and desire a venom to spur
a different determination
if only we could let the other

let the unfinished stewer alone
snipe, and stumble in the
all-too familiar tombs
of that rotten inner-deep
we sought to climb from out, grasping
at angels

there is a circle, yes,
a mad circle
within that self preoccupied space
and the down ‘n hungry poison will bite
with teeth anew

anger will eat its way out
to the open air
because it has to
and to that end, i
am but a shallow replacement

© Emerys Watchel, 2018 All rights reserved.


there is a place
where hinges
the space under the door
itself is shadow
a personal interest in perception
makes of the visible
faces of voices a mothprint
spark upon the shade

the dying in the doom
a slow unravel
setting the mortar between the stone
of hard-won space
assurity to be defined
a might won by conflict
all the hands of clocks
point to the tower’d
monolith of flameflesh
upsprung sword

words wring poison out of bladders
or armored defenses wrist the cuts
eternities of argument
bar all passages
the way out is through
a papered-over frame
of letters written, rewritten
for love: a hate eternally afire
and gloom lay rheumy
for all a want gone
nobly as the flower

for this a push crawls inward-out
saddened eyes mask a fearing stammer
one foot wrong
cost the magic cast
so delicate the weight
of tear-spent words
strengthening reciprocal transmitted
boldly, but caution constant needy sounds
when all is right embrace is there ensured
though should they not
the snare’s
a rosethorn for the stumble

© Emerys Watchel, 2018 All rights reserved.

Jewelry in church

it is not for the glamour given
the inexpensive disguised
a convincing re-arrangement
all the material is there, mass
appropriate to density
the hook is the
reaction to the spectacle

illusion real enough to be believed
inverted labyrinth with no center
shattered at the moment of ascension
the true strength of dirt
is in micrometers
the best possessions are truth’s
we are all struggling
for a reciprocated vulnerability 
atomically indistinguishable

a reality perception bends
but can not transform

© Emerys Watchel, 2018 All rights reserved.


Scissors is sitting under a stoop
the old men are betting
waving their gobs
the suspenders are shouting
at beerspillin’ company
a precarious fold warriors all
cold as you like
coppers on the take
are under the Hill
with bribe teeth
lucky to win at pipesmoke
a bullethole, and raincoats
for the whistlers that fall
the softhand is steady
awaitin’ the turn
in stumbles Jimmy trilby in his cups
that Irish jaw a barnin’
says, “the fix is on the scam boys”
little pictures makes his move
and them pistols did the talkin’
amid the sounds of upturned tables
and girls caught in their garters
that hotel swam an electric pop
you’d go deaf in describin’

the smoke clears as it does
and the third day came and ran
Scissors claimed a legacy
pictures died on the edge of town
and a mope becomes a man

see that boy sitting next to a feedtrack
it was prologues

© Emerys Watchel, 2018 All rights reserved.


after the day has died
and the light winnows
into birdsong heat
the flight
of the indolent pale

Give us stars!
spread the thinning veil
broom the hearty wind
and dust the anvils
Let the cold come in!

shudder and stone
when the Hello’s have all
worn out
now off to their beds
these old slippers
whisper ‘cross the boards
forgotten dead

© Emerys Watchel, 2018 All rights reserved.

All of Us

who was the dog laughing
in the nightjars of pollen
trumpeting designs
up at windows

who wore the silks and sang
the shifting sky
into swell for the frogspore
and glister’d jelly

who at the thorned table
ate the goatskull of betrayed
for the low ruin of carnivals
desecrated mind strewn for feedhawks

who with the pocked-eye gleaned
this facile-verse a viper
lamprey mouth trying its jaws
on the equator

who in the suits of hightown
slurped his soup with pretend mimes
feeling the tingle of camaraderie
ejected for jesting trite confessional

who was told the parables
of squarepegs and roundholes
applied this earnest learning
foundered nothing and resentment

who attempted return
to animal kinskin dreaming utopias
only to walk a loneward shuffle
among the tenements of perversion

who trumpeted designs
up at the jars of windows
in the dognight
laughing pollen

© Emerys Watchel, 2018 All rights reserved.

Sagittarius A

this (right here)
is where the
rot begins
the putrescence starts and
burps its way up
the plumbing
the foundations a mound of corpses
it’s no wonder the mould
begins in basements,
,and finds its way down
the clingy hallways
there’s a black hole in the centre
of it
its matter permeates galaxies
Scientists found it they said
but have only theorized its impression
on visible objects
deep down beneath
the devices of ancient insects
attracted to the vibrations
of our machinery
have their inert vexes set
on our gradual immersion
we are all of us falling equally
in to the

© Emerys Watchel, 2018 All rights reserved.

,or just another retreat

wen it isn’t you
i run to
a retreet i set the table for
magic circles can be found
“this is the way we- -wash our hands
comb our teeth
brush our hair”
this is the way humanitee builds monUments
i’m making light of yr’ situation
and how could i not
when you give me that look, like
the factual world has no place
for esoteric wizardry?
i am waht i eat
and i’ve had my fill of universes

© Emerys Watchel, 2018 All rights reserved.

almost positive

spring is coming
in the slow elliptic way of
a rotating planet
spells of warmer days
mixed with cold
Canadians are social almanacs
“nice weather we’re having
don’t mistake my sunny disposition
as an invite to my weekend BBQ
better than yesterday”
: i prefer the friends i have, thanks
we all end up looking
like euro-ukrainians
maybe it’s the local packing plant
or spring long
weekend roadside donut stands
i can smell downtown from here
in a memory of streetsweeper city cleanup
they put a petting zoo right there
on main street
you’d think that’s a metaphor
but i’m being literal
Mellencamp came to town one time
or was it Bryan Adams
and the beer gardens will fill
leaving the evidences of disposable incomes
for the city workers
and the vendors of dubious asian descendants
will leave for their casino’s in the east
before our summer
and it’s only march

i explore the snowscraped parking lot outside
looking for dancers

© Emerys Watchel, 2018 All rights reserved.

correspondence from Mars

comes to us all
this is life, we
‘ve all heard the metaphor
of the clear ringing bell,
or the Train -the
living thing of Time, rushing
toward us through the complexity
of unknown distances
they say
it all began with a Bang:
matter collided in Space
unknown subjects on a path of an-
nihilation and birth
& here we are
jumping through light
glittering with magnificences
not our own

that beauty is ours to define,
intelligence is a quantifiable substance
or that identity
is a proximal energy
an inventable fantasy
this is true,
and not true

but I sympathize
will be little other than a pebble
for the shoes of what you must endure
in the repetitions of awake,
and asleep
in the unendurable monotony
and it says nothing for the

astrological bodies collided
creating The Bang
however matter, like energy
can not be created from nothing
so it follows logically
that ancient galaxies must have existed
before our conceptions
with a Time of their own
yet we
with our dying illuminations
have decided Fates and Gods
as explanations for the
and i
do not do this to be loved by you
i do this with the Hope
that you might love

it starts in
the blossoming of flowers
bees assist the escape
the Americas are on fire
with copulation
heat enough to last through

the symmetry of towers
make alien landscapes worthy
of our Druidic histories
microchips married to organisms
avatars animated by archetypes
and this is an arrangement of symbolic

inter-netwiredmeat, in love
with escape
this is about evolution
i was born in a world
of infant computers
now i have been a dozen people
you are a constant
a point of orbit
a nucleus
i am a particle
casting a minute shadow
across your sphere
audience to your tide-waters,
your dissolving of dinosaurs
shifting geologies

you are a woman
i am a broken machine, a discard
left to the devices of elements
crudely displayed
to those
that come to guess at the preponderance
of my nudity
i offer amnesias

© Emerys Watchel, 2018 All rights reserved.