John Doe

when you move from that place
loud and settin’ the record straight
and into the next room
what is said of you
in your passing
room to room
is your identity

like it or lump it
when words of your intention
or character come
from your
it’s not
rumor perpetuates itself
like an abomination that eats
its own flesh
and never

burn it with Anger
all you want

© Emerys Watchel, 2017 All rights reserved.



it was months ago
seems more distinct now that
everything’s covered w/
snow, but
Canada takes in immigrants during war
time. an honorable gesture this
Country’s white Natives
oft neglect
i could tell you stories of
the profound ignorance we

foreign children used the jungle-
gym out back without guile, or
sidewalks were littered with
the buzz of atmosphere was
the poison of scrutiny
looms like a transmitted disease

or, maybe it’s winter
we’ll see when the ice melts

© Emerys Watchel, 2017 All rights reserved.

snow art

night walking small town

some eager households
X-mas lights up already
one yard had a snow-man-thing
looked more like a crooked whistle
poked with holes
everywhich way where stick arms
and carrot noses must have
now a lonely grotesque interpretation
snow art?
four similar sized spheres balanced
one atop the other
-could almost imagine their childish
delight “bigger, bigger”
reminds me of this ice cream kiosk
at the Mall
when i was a kid
they’d let you have three scoops of
any flavour
i’d always get the same
chocolate, bubblegum, and tiger-tiger
a strange ice cream that
i think it was black licorice & orange
when they melted together
you got mauve
which was actually
pretty gross

© Emerys Watchel, 2017 All rights reserved.

in the Valley

a spider’s web
from the corner of my eye
to the sky

bounces along its edge
and slows
as i look
from my nose
along its length, up
up to a hole in the blue

that white, hot, glowing hole
squinting there
i can see
dripping through

to the valley below
birds have long abandoned their dry
nests. the wind whistles with a diseased
and trees grow long, long

© Emerys Watchel, 2017 All rights reserved.

of Sexless idols

In a Thousand years if there’s a History
our words and stories
will be rediscovered and considered
Record, Factual Evidence
taken by a confused people without the context
of the Society
made them

we must be the last of the Great
Roman Empire
crazed by poisonous Politics
& Power
warred for, bled upon, built to Cathedral
on the ruin of a burning ship
listing in Her throes
with our sexless skeletons tangled
in each other
eaten by the Sea

breastless, Virgo’s womb withered
sagging like a leather sack
Lady Liberty standing statuesque, vigilant
over Her mound of bones
like a scabbard without a sword thrust into the sky
the Words
“I lift my lamp beside the Golden Door”

at last

© Emerys Watchel, 2017 All rights reserved.

Palm Feeding

Jack Link’s premium cuts
beef Nuggets
tender cuts of beef steak
low fat/ high protein
the only thing this product needs
an advert featuring a man in a track suit
jogging near the beach
w/ that chiseled Gillette chin
dimpled smile
just try not to think
you’re palm feeding from a treat bag
lil’ doggie

the Product itself is a visual representation
of how the Corporate Mind views the consumer
my purchase confirms their opinion
success assures futurity
an evaluation of Market economies
will determine growth/ advancement
the release of future product variants,
or the merging of product lines
potato Chips now in Cheeseburger Flavour

the detergent in my Toothpaste does not
increase teeth-whitening effectiveness
market research has shown
people like bubbles

you are the experiment
Subject 0
blip on a Sales Graph
irregularity in commercial investment
look around you
your immediate space is a visual representation
of Corp. product allegiance

is it possible
that your ideas are not your own,
that the way you choose to present yourself
is merely an assemblage of market options?

if i may offer a suggestion to the Jerked Beef people
at Management
: up the portion size
take a hit on the price
gamble with your sales research
customers that habitually purchase similar products
will endorse your Brand name
the potential of new customers from the fence

the bite-sized chunks were easy to manage
flavour was good
& i didn’t have to reseal a chewed sample in the bag

eagerly anticipating Teriyaki, Pepper, and Honey BBQ

© Emerys Watchel, 2017 All rights reserved.